Government Organization

  Periodic assessment of National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) in partnership with IITM’s RTBI, as part of Ministry’s network & continual action research suggesting changes desired at policy/regulations.
2009 – 2010
-    NREGA assessment in 5 districts, 10 blocks, 40 panchayats and TN State Govt and Min of Rural Dev.
2010 – 2011
-    Evaluation of NREGA with relevance to Village requirements with a special focus on skills assessment
2011 – 2012
-    Play the role of ‘watch dog’ and strengthening the grass root level implementation;
-    Strengthening Gramasabha and SAC activities;
-    Facilitate better financial inclusion practices at the grass-root level to ensure leak-proof account and finance flow and become an enabler for access to formal financial instruments;
-    Deploy key performance indicators to measure and monitor the schemes in a few panchayats and
-    Build a real-time MIS system to provide live data access and improved monitoring from field
  Comprehensive assessment of Bihar Government’s commercial sales tax department

  Data analysis for Tribal Department, TN during in partnership with University of Madras.

  Analytical support for Tamil Nadu police department

  Discussion in progress with the Dept of Labour - PPP model for skills evaluation in Kerala.